“Hero’s Journey should be required reading for all young people entering the business world who dream of being entrepreneurs and are seeking inspiration.”

 —Philip Anschutz, Chairman and CEO, The Anschutz Corporation

Every person is created in the image and likeness of God. That means every single person has the potential to live a Hero's Life.  Kudos to Fr Sirico and Mr. Sandefer for creating this guide for the journey!  

—Jennifer Roback Morse, Founder and President of the Ruth Institute

“A Field Guide for the Hero’s Journey” is an amazing book. Inspirational and practical at the same time and guaranteed to address virtually any "do I have what it takes?" questions you may have about a life of entrepreneurship. Jeff Sandefer is the educator better suited than anyone on earth to give lie to the adage, "Those who can, do. Those who cannot, teach." He's been there, done it (incredibly well), and now teaches with a caring and compassion I have experienced in few other successes. 

—Dr. Steven Berglas, psychiatrist, formerly at Harvard Medical School and current Forbes columnist

Jeff Sandefer and Rev. Robert Sirico have national reputations as extraordinary teachers who change the lives of their students forever. Guided by the premise that everyone has the potential to be a hero, this inspirational and practical book will help you focus on the right questions that will enable you to lead a life of purpose, achievement, and, yes, heroism.  

—Adam Meyerson, President, The Philanthropy Roundtable